Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Dunia akhir zaman..

Astaghfirullahal azim... dunia akhir zaman... teruknya manusia jika tidak ada agama, seperti Allah berfirman dlm AlQuran, lebih teruk drp binatang!!

taken from bbc news today... cam takleh terima berita ni...jahatnya!!!!!!!

ps: teringat cerita psl my ex housemate di Cardiff, a welsh yg memeluk Islam..inshaAllah oneday ada masa, i will tell u the story...

ps2: try n read the comments on the link below...quite a number of people di UK yg admitted this happen to them, either father or mother or both to be ke society yg masyarakat kita nk ikut? rambut blonde, baju ketat, free mixing...we know where all of these are heading!

Are there women paedophiles?

Boy with a woman

By Tom Geoghegan
BBC News Magazine

Paedophiles are invariably thought of as men and they mostly are. But do women commit sexual abuse against children, and if so, why is it rarely discussed?

Colin never knew innocence as a child. His earliest memories are of his mother sexually abusing him. In the bath, in his bed and in the night. Until he was 13.

Twenty years later, after a young life derailed by truancy, drugs and violence, he is still deeply affected by what he says happened.

"It's only now that I realise the impact it has had on me. From the age of 14, as soon as it got dark I would have panic attacks and that fuelled my drug-taking because doing it, I felt safe again.

"I couldn't sleep at night and I'd get flashbacks of my mum on top of me. I couldn't hold down a job and I was scared of girls."

The fact the perpetrator was the person who gave birth to him made it harder for him to identify and accept it as abuse, he believes.


Iman said...

mashaAllah..ngeri..unia akhir zaman ni macam-macam.Semua jenis umat Nabi terdahulu berkumpul dan terkumpul di akhir zaman ni.

May Allah protect us and others.Amen...pikir pasal dunia ni mmg tok tahula nak kata.Rasa macam tak nak dok atas dunia pun ada.

Tapi Allah tak suruh kita give up.Tu tugas kita sbg khalifah Allah..haih..berat tanggungjawab... T_T

Ya Allah...Ya Allah...permudahkanlah

ana muslim said...


banyak betul kerja kita...tak patut kita seme duduk bersenang lenang goyang kaki, walhal, satu dunia sedang menunggu kita...

sama2 kita berusaha, inshaAllah iman :)

ameen ya Robb