Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's day - what is your say?

Semalam tgk bbc news, and at the end of the news, tetiba dia tunjuk gambar trace of tyres on the icy road yang berbentuk love...then the presenter said ' Happy Valentine's Day'...oo barulah aku teringat yg esok (yakni hari ini) 14th February....

Aku assume semua yg baca blog ni tahu pasal cite Valentine's Day and apakah hukumnya meraikannya...tapi kengkadang manusia ni tahu...tahu banyak perkara..tapi sendiri decide nak ignore perkara tersebut...atau pun berkata, ikut suka ati aku laa....

Anyway, alhamdulillah, ramai dah yang semakin sedar dan meninggalkan terus meraikan hari ini... jadi tak perlu lah aku tulis banyak2...

Cumanya, tadi buka bbc news nye website...ada cam poll yang tanya pendapat readers tentang " What Does Valentine's Day means to you?" Jadi banyakla respon2 drp manusia seluruh UK dan ada gak di luar UK...

What BBC wrote in the poll :

Sales of flowers and chocolates are expected to rise as romantics celebrate Valentine’s Day. How will you spend this special day?

Originally a pagan festival, Valentine’s Day is now seen as a day for people to offer gifts to the one they love.

Many also consider it an opportunity to propose marriage to that special person.

However, there are concerns that the day has become an excuse for florists, card shops and restaurants to hike up their prices.

Will you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, how? Or do you think that the day has become too commercialised and now has no meaning?

Menarik gak la baca comment2 pembaca...and i think rata2 org putih pun dh tak kesah dah ngan valentine day ni...(semalam bbc news juga report, sheffield adalah city yg paling sedikit beli bunga di seluruh Yorkshire ni..hehe)....jadi kesianlah kat org2 Islam kita di Malaysia or di mana2 yang masih meraikan hari ini....

Antara komen2 menarik :

It used to be innocent fun years anonymous card, a bunch of flowers or a quiet meal in a favourite restaurant. Then came the vulgar outsize cards and other cheap looking over-priced tat.

My husband regularly gives me flowers and we say "I love you" every day so Valentine's Day is a non event for us.

[mrsbuddles], New Milton, United Kingdom

Commercialised rubbish

[johnilmalin1], Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Susan Lange, Leeds

My parents never celebrated St Valentines Day so far as I knew, no cards, chocs or flowers, but they are still together and happy after 52 years!

jenny, Exeter

It`s a pagan festival. Nuff said, another commercialised nothing...

Harry Houdini

Valentine's Day means nothing but an ordinary day like very other day to me. Why should people wait for just one day in the year to dramatize "love" or "affection" when these fine attributes should be hardwired and exhibited spontaneously? I'll love you today because it’s V-Day and go back to hurting you tomorrow. Yo right somebody give me a break.

Gerald Alor, Leicester

So kesimpulannya....balik pada Islam:

1) Cinta Allah

2) Cinta Rasulullah

Kemudian cinta seseorang kerana Allah...cinta ibu bapa kerana Allah, cinta suami/isteri kerana Allah, cinta sahabat2 krn Allah....

Di setiap saat, setiap detik, setiap nafas yg di sedut....inshaAllah

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