Friday, 29 May 2009

Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology from site

Interesting news...

Saya pernah tengok beberapa kali documentary about scientology di BBC.... mmg mengarut habis la scientology ini dan menghasut pula ramai orang...they dont believe in ala2 atheist zaman baruramai gak artis hollywood yg terkenal jadi pengikut cult ni......KARUT...kesian ke org islam yg duk minat pelakon2 hollywood2 tu, jadi idola la, kesian kesian.... saya sangat gembira wikipedia banned them...because scientology ni boleh jadi sangat aggressive...entah2 mrk duk baca apa yg saya (sbb tu tulis ni bnyk in malay) kisah knp wikipedia banned mrk sbb mrk akan gunakan segala macam media utk menghapuskan idea yg mrk tu salah...mrk duk asyi tukar apa je org tulis dlm wikipedia tu tentang mrk....mrk ni mmg gila...

Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology from site

Scientology on Wikipedia
Wikipedia ... the user-edited encyclopedia's entry for the Church of Scientology's, which is currently locked / Wikipedia

WIKIPEDIA has banned members of the Church of Scientology from contributing to articles in a bid to stamp out biased information.

The site's administrators allegedly decided to impose the ban after finding members of the church were changing articles related to Scientology to promote their interests.

It is the first time Wikipedia has placed a ban on such a large group.

In a long running internal review, the site’s Arbitration Committee voted 10 to nil in favour of banning contributions from all IP addresses known to be owned or run by the church.

One member abstained from the vote.

According to evidence found by Wikipedia, multiple users with known scientology IP addresses had been "openly editing (Scientology-related articles) from Church of Scientology equipment and apparently coordinating their activities".

The administrators were concerned the edits were "damaging Wikipedia's reputation for neutrality".

Wikipedia promotes the fact its articles are presented from a neutral point of view, and frowns upon users who edit the site "in order to promote their own interests".

Individual users who caused mischief have been prevented from editing articles in the past, but this is the first time such a large-scale ban has been placed.

The Register reported the ban was the first time administrators had officially placed a block on edits from such a large organisation.

A spokesperson from the Church of Scientology's Sydney office said no Australian members would have been involved in editing the site.

The Church of Scientology's Wikipedia entry is currently locked, preventing any edits.

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