Monday, 4 May 2009

Time to relax Priest celibacy rules?

Kita sambung psl Sang Murobbiyah later...

Sbb pagi ni tetiba terbaca BBC news tentang di bawah ini, tentang patutkah pusat katolik di Rome meringankan undang2 mrk tentang paderi tidak dibenarkan kahwin atau mempunyai hubungan dengan berlainan jantina...di bawah ni di paparkan komen seorang penulis katolik dan juga seorang menteri parlimen di UK..

Ermm...kristian mmg camni, org2 biasa leh debate undang2 agama mrk...lama2 kalau banyak sgt pressure, nanti, catholic church pun ikutlah kata2 mrk..they see this as progression (yg selalu my supervisor said to me)

Islam pulak lain, ada yg boleh di bawa berbincang (perkara2 cabang) dan ada yg mmg dah jelas dan qot'ie (tetap)....contohnya solat kita ni 5 waktu, dah ditetapkan solat subuh, zuhr, asar, maghrib dan isya'...setiap satu ada syarat2 waktunya...takleh sesuka hati nak solat subuh pukul 10 pagi or solat asar bila dah malam....

Teringat pulak my debate ngan my supervisor sejak mula2 masuk belaja sini (4 years ago) sampaila skrg ni, especially masuk waktu2 dekat summer ni, mesti dia persoalkan time solat kita, katanya tak sesuai (suka hati dia je)...dia siap kata, 'i'm sure if prophet muhammad is here now, and he knows about the muslim waking up for prayer at 4 am, he must have deny it and say that is not what he meant, he meant to pray at sensible time, ie after you wake up from sleep around 6 am'....hehehe dia lak nak interpret apa Rasulullah s.a.w kata....

Dia siap suh kita yg kat UK ni ikut waktu solat kat Malaysia je, more sensible, takde la, terputus2 tido...

I said to him, this is just a small sacrifice for Paradise...dia pun ala2 senyap dan masih tak puas hati....betul la kan, kalau Allah suruh lebih drp ni pun kita akan buat, apa la sangat bangun kul 4 am tu banding dengan syurgaNya yg tidak ada bandingan tu...

Tapi konklusinya...agama kristian ni mmg sgt2 open to interpretation sesiapa saja, interpretation ikut akal manusia dan boleh berubah sesuka hati....kita Islam, agama lurus dan the only deen yg di iktiraf oleh Allah skrg ni, have it rules to guide us to be a proper slave...tak semua benda leh di grasp dan di proses oleh akal kita yg limited ni...jadi certain2 perkara we need to have faith on it...all of these are to prove to Him siapakah yg lebih banyak amalannya (Al Mulk :2).....Biarlah apa org nak kata, asalkan Allah redha pada kita....

ps : Tapi sy masih doakan moga one day Allah bagi hidayah kat pakcik John ni...kesian dia, last kalau x beriman, masuk neraka...

Klik disini utk bacaan lengkap berita dibawah

Time to relax Priest celibacy rules?

In some parts of the world, especially the West, the Roman Catholic Church is facing a shortage of priests. Should the Vatican act to resolve this crisis by relaxing the rule that clergy must be celibate and single? Or would allowing priests to marry lead to other, unforeseen problems? Two Catholic commentators argue the pros and cons of married priests.

Mary Kenny
Mary Kenny: marriage is not a panacea for personal ills

I know several good men who feel drawn to serving the faith and the people and who would have made excellent Catholic priests - if they had been allowed to marry.

This is such a loss to the Church, and the faithful. I am often inclined to agree that the rule of celibacy is obsolete.

Yet I have also encountered certain married clerics in other denominations who have struck me as rather too comfortably ensconced in the bourgeois life of domesticity.

Recently, a married vicar in a well-to-do parish that I know turned away an application from an addicts' self-help group to meet in the church hall; such undesirables did not fit into the parish profile.

But "undesirables" are exactly the people to whom the Christian faith should be offering succour.

If you seek comfort at every turn, the culture becomes decadent

A Christian should not live too comfortable a life: an ordained Christian minister should be ready to "take up your Cross and follow Me".

John Pugh MP
John Pugh argues that celibacy does not automatically make for good clergy

Rational Catholicism believes that man has a definite nature ultimately fulfilled only by adherence to, and union with, his creator.

Part of our nature self-evidently is that we are sexual beings and fulfilling our true nature is what this life and indeed morality is all about.

No-one can ignore, disown or deny their sexual identity or the various and complex drives that come with it.

Donald Goergen pointed out in his book The Sexual Celibate many years ago that although sexual, maternal and paternal feelings and drives can be rechannelled opportunely and successfully by those sworn to celibacy, absolute denial and attempted elimination are fraught with psychological dangers and moral hazard.

Every priest is also a man; every nun a woman.

Given that Vatican II stated that a vocation to virginity is not inherently superior to a vocation to matrimony, it is not clear that there ever was a convincing theological case for a celibate priesthood; rather the arguments are pragmatic and traditional.

The very existence of a willingly celibate priest reminds his flock of a higher destiny for humanity than propagating one's genes (renunciation also boosts charisma).


Anonymous said...

Betul tu, there are some items yg otak takleh pikio. Contohnya.. kenapa kentut batal air sembahyang?.. there is always a reason for something that you dont know.. He is after all, the one that creates all of us.

ana muslim said...

hehe true...