Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sheffield banjir lagi...

Semalam hujan sgt lebat di Sheffield, biasanya hujan lebat camni akan menyebabkan banjir...pastu tgk news, sah, beberapa tempat di Sheffield mengalami banjir..bagi org Malaysia, mesti duk ingat hujan sehebat di Malaysia yg turun nonstop beberapa hari mengakibatkan banjir.... sini hujan yg sebab kan banjir ni cuma cam hujan lebat kat mesia, baru 12 jam non stop menyebabkan banjir...mereka kat sini tak biasa ngan banjir until lately...sbb global warming jadi weather pun huru hara, uk yg x penah hujan lebat, pun dah jadi hujan lebat...hebat betul la kuasa Allah tu..

Ni antara petanda tak best...summer tahun ni maybe jadi cam tahun lepas, asyik hujan je...tak dpt nk menikmati alam sekitar maklum org takde kete, susah sket kalau hujan2 ni...harap2 bbq ahad/sabtu ni tak hujan...ameen...

Demikian sahaja laporan drp bilik study, broomwalk, sheffield... :)

Flash floods after stormy weather

Flash flooding has hit parts of north and mid Wales causing damage to properties and traffic disruption

Severe weather has led to flash flooding in parts of Wales and warnings have been been made by the Met Office that more rain is expected.

The A483 road in Newtown, Powys, leading to the town centre has been closed and six fire crews are dealing with the effects of heavy rain.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said its fire fighters were alerted shortly before 1400 BST.

Meanwhile, fire crews were called to deal with floods in homes in Wrexham.

North Wales fire service said at least three houses in Galaxy Grove were flooded and crews have been called to three other areas near the town.

In Newtown, a blocked culvert led to the closure of the A483 road in the afternoon, while Frolic Street, Park Street and Back Lane were still flooded at 1730 BST.

Workers at the two main office blocks in the town were trapped as water levels rose rapidly.

Special pumps were brought in by firefighters to unblock drains on the main roads.

The roads affected by the severe weather are home to commercial and residential properties.

Six fire appliances were still at the scene at 1730 BST.

Firefighter David Davies from Mid and West Wales Fire Service said: "We had a severe cloudburst in the area. It started about one o'clock in the Caersws region then it's moved about six miles down to Newtown.

"It had the town centre overwhelmed, all the gutters, and we have had a severe problem."

Driving instructor Phil Robinson was taking a student on a pre-test lesson when the rain hit.

"All of a sudden we couldn't see the kerb doing a left reverse," he said.

"As we've been driving around town getting practice before the test, my student is getting lots of experience doing turns in the road because we keep coming to flooded areas and it's 'turn the car around and back again'."

Flooding in Newtown
A road was closed after the downpour caused flooding


kak jan said...

banjir setelah beberapa jam hujan di namakan flash flood...kat msia pon biasa banjir macam ni especially kawasan city cam kuala lumpur tu...

ana muslim said...

oo betul gak tu...