Friday, 23 January 2009

Gaza in ruins

Berikut adalah video drp Al Jazeera bertajuk Gaza in Ruins - A news special

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

My review:

Semalam tengok tv, BBC Four, rancangan Unseen Gaza.... Dalam rancangan tu journalist interview both the muslims and the jews in the UK. Yg muslims kata BBC is not showing enough of what is happening in Gaza. They said that al jazeera and other tvs shows in depth news of what happened in Gaza..while the jews in UK blame BBC for siding towards the Hamas and marah coz BBC call Hamas the militant group and not the terrorist group! So both sides are blaming BBC...what does BBC said? BBC kata mrk memberi berita tanpa prejudice and giving as accurate as possible about the news there. There are laws in UK restricting gruesome pictures to be shown on TV before 10 oclock to protect the children. Anyhow, BBC admitted that the news on the war in Gaza was not as accurate as they want it to be due to the limitation that Israel put to the journalist..No journalist is allowed to enter Gaza, they have to stay in one hill and just report from there. The BBC journalist also said that Israel is playing a propaganda war, and their PR has been preparing months before the war to answer to the international journalist and to the world.

My comment?:

I think BBC is quite neutral, but not neutral enough. There must be some pressure that Israel put to BBC to withstand some of the news to us. But hey, no worries, we still have al jazeera to report to us, uh, i wish I can understand arabic! Israel memang jahat, they just want to kill the palestinians and not just Hamas. My heart and thoughts are with the palestinians, and I want to say to them, I am sorry that I cannot do enough to help them. I also hope that God will forgive me for shortcomings. My ambition is to educate as much muslims as possible to understand their role in this earth and perhaps one day, we are strong enough to defeat the enemy of this deen...

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