Sunday, 8 June 2008


Harun Yahya (turkish islamic author) has been sentenced for three years of jail

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Controversial Turkish Islamic author Adnan Oktar was sentenced to three years in prison on Friday for creating an illegal organization for personal gain, state-run Anatolian news agency said.

A spokeswoman for his Science Research Foundation (BAV) confirmed to Reuters that Oktar had been sentenced but said the judge was influenced by political and religious pressure groups.

Oktar had been tried with 17 other defendants in an Istanbul court. The verdict and sentence came after a previous trial that began in 2000 after Oktar, along with 50 members of his foundation, was arrested in 1999.

In that court case, Oktar had been charged with using threats for personal benefit and creating an organization with the intent to commit a crime. The charges were dropped but another court picked them up resulting in the latest case.

Oktar planned to appeal the sentence, a BAV spokeswoman said. No further details were immediately available.

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His comments :

Let me state once again that I have no complaints regarding the court. I harbor no resentment or recrimination towards anyone. It is Allah Who caused the court to sign that verdict. Only one thing in the court decision surprised me and gave me pause for thought, which was that we had three female friends. Like my other friends, they had absolutely nothing to do with the allegations. But they were sentenced to three years’ imprisonment each. These were really well brought-up young ladies. That did surprise me. But again I still respect the court, and there is something auspicious in all things.

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May Allah help him....ameen

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Anonymous said...

Everybody in Turkey knows that he is not guilty of such a blame. Even the prosecutor stated two times that there was no evidence agaist him and his friends and that they should be acquitted. But the judge decided on imprisonment sentence. he is not in prison right now and the verdict is on the appeal on the Supreme Court of Appeals. Pray for him. Alongside him, 3 muslim women in his group were sentenced to imprisonment for three years.